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On Tuesday the 26th to Wednesday the 27th of April, 2023 the ACAN played host to CEOs of public agencies in a two-day event themed:  “Executive Session of the Chairman of the ICPC with CEOs of Public Agencies”.

Declaring the meeting open, the Chairman of ICPC, Prof. Bolaji Owansanoye -SAN, OFR expressed delight at the opportunity to have a conversation with CEOs of public agencies about some of the things the Commission sees that are avoidable, but which usually leads to default and sometimes mutate into sickness and can in fact terminate some people’s wellbeing.

He pointed out that, CEOs of public agencies are exposed to various societal pressures which place a lot of banana peels on their way, such that they could easily slip on; adding that an interactive session like this could help the CEOs avoid such banana peels.

According to the Provost of ACAN Prof. Olatunde Babawale, the training program was an experience and knowledge sharing session designed to support CEOs of public agencies to understand how social norms are a double-edged sword that can either enhance or reduce corruption. He stated that the session was meant to expose the CEOs to some corruption inducing social norms and to provide them with the necessary skills for addressing them in their workplaces.

The Provost further disclosed that there has been prelude sessions before this. “Two interactive program were Organised from 30th August to 1st September 2022 and also 26th to 27th October, 2022 and the feedback from those who attended confirmed that they learnt a lot from the interaction and will impact positively on the management of their agencies subsequently”.

Participants from the various sessions had expressed delight at the exposition of the training programme, pointing out that if they had got this kind of interaction at the beginning of their tenures, they would have been able to avoid some mistakes. However, they recommended that ICPC/ACAN should consider holding this kind of interaction for all newly appointed Chief Executive Officers, to better prepare them for likely banana peels.