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ACAN is being developed as a last-stop institution for training of high-calibre anti-corruption professionals such as compliance officers, investigators, administrators and integrity practitioners by offering programmes at post graduate levels. The programmes of ACAN therefore include:


  • In-house staff training programmes
  • Bespoke training courses for outside institutions
  • Mandatory induction and refresher courses for ACTU members
  • Post-graduate Certificate and Diploma Courses
  • Master’s degree in Anti-Corruption Studies (in collaboration with partner institutions)
  • Thematic conferences, seminars and workshops

The Academy’s academic programmes are situated in four departments, namely:

  • Enforcement Studies
  • Prevention Studies
  • Public Education/Mobilization
  • General Studies

Duration of Courses

The duration of courses and programmes vary and depend on the nature of particular courses. Workshops and seminars last between one day for executive seminars and two weeks. Certificate and Diploma courses last a minimum of two weeks and up to nine months. The postgraduate courses of the Academy are to be regulated by the guidelines applicable in the collaborating institutions.

Resource Faculty

Highly qualified and skillful resource persons shall be drawn from the Academy, the ICPC Headquarters, members of the academia, and among other professionals to deliver lectures on various subjects.

Web-based Learning Platform

The information and technology age has brought exciting new learning possibilities. The Academy is developing an online platform for e-delivery of the contents of courses to participants. It is expected that this will provide students and teachers with an effective means of communication with each other for teaching and learning process. Apart from its 250-capacity digital classrooms, all the learning centres of the Academy are equipped with e-learning facilities including full multimedia learning systems.


Participants who have successfully completed various programmes of the Academy are issued certificates confirming their levels of participation and attainment upon meeting the minimum requirements for certification.

Anti-Corruption Research

The Research Division is engaged in the conduct of cutting-edge research in the general areas of anti-corruption and disseminating the outcomes of same for the purpose of building the body of knowledge in the area that will aid the development of appropriate policy responses and acquisition of skills necessary for tackling corruption nationally and internationally. The Academy which is to serve as a platform for regular scholar exchange in the field of anti-corruption studies and leading public opinion, will engage in efficient and widespread dissemination of anti-corruption resources and literature nationally and internationally.

Nigerian Journal of Anti-Corruption Studies

An Academic Journal, The Nigerian Journal of Anti-Corruption Studies, will be produced by the Academy to showcase the research activities of the Academy and other valuable information. A team of highly skilled officials with Academic and journalistic background have already commenced the process of producing the Academic Journal.

Quality Assurance

The Academy will work with the National Universities Commission and other regulatory bodies as well as the regulatory mechanisms of collaborating institutions to ensure excellent delivery of teaching and learning process using state-of-the-art facilities.


All courses are subject to payment of specified tuition. Tuition payable vary from one course to another and the amounts are indicated in separate course module on each particular course as detailed in the schedule of training programmes.

Public/Private Sector Partnership and Collaboration

The Anti-Corruption Academy of Nigeria will also organize the following anti-corruption related programmes in collaboration and partnership with agencies in the public and private sectors:

  1. Workshops
  2. Seminars
  3. Symposia
  4. Youth Competition
  5. Youth Camp
  6. National Youth Debating Championship (among students)
  7. Sandwich Courses (on request)